Hardware Services from HCS

Here at HCS we can supply a wide range of quality hardware platforms to cater for any IT requirement, to complement our support and installation services. We have accounts with the top distributors and specialist suppliers to ensure that you can have the right hardware at the best prices possible.

Storage & Backup

We can do a range of storage and backup systems to suit your needs and budget an essential part of your server system.

The exploding growth of mission-critical digital content combined with government regulated retention policies has created a need for secure, robust and portable data protection solutions at an affordable cost. We can offer cartridge-based removable disk storage systems, LTO tape drive technology , Network Attached Storage or secure off site backup.

These systems coupled with the market leading backup software create a robust and recoverable server environment ensuring the minimum impact to your business in the event of a hardware failure.

Benefits of HCS

  • Installation and configuration to your server
  • Data recovery services also available
  • Local and remote back up options available