Software Services from HCS

Here at HCS we have highly trained and experienced engineers on the whole suite of Microsoft application packages. In addition we have expertise in a whole range of current and legacy Operating System Environments.

Application Software

Our Microsoft trained engineers can deploy, support, and configure any of the Microsoft family of applications.

  • Exchange Server, all versions
  • SQL Server
  • IIS Server
  • ISA Server
  • Office, all versions

In addition we have experience in deploying and supporting many applications under the LINUX and UNIX Operating Environments, such as Apache Tomcat. We have extra special expertise in Informix Dynamic Server in the Relational database arena.

Our engineers are trained on the whole Office suite and the Lotus Office Automation suite, and in addition we can also provide support on older versions of all these products.

All our PCs come with Windows 7 Professional pre-installed with the option of a downgrade to Windows XP Pro if required by your application manufacturer.

Supply, Install and Configure

We can supply, install and configure all of the above named Application Software Systems.
We have pre-delivery build facilities here in our workshops, ensuring that your Application is delivered fully configured.

Benefits of HCS

  • Competitive pricing on all Application SoftwareSystems
  • Professionally trained, CRB checked, experienced engineers
  • Bespoke software applications

Support and Maintenence

We can also provide support, maintenance, monitoring, upgrade and patch installation, as well as national on-site engineering facility for all applications.