The problems of Legacy Systems

During the evolution of many organisations, their Management Information System or Process Automation System very often evolve as well. These systems grow and change to accommodate the increasing demands of those organisations, and that of their internal and external customers. In many cases these systems become such a perfect fit to the requirement of the organisation that they are serving, that it seems impossible to move away to newer systems. At I2 Global Ltd, we are specialists in smooth transition to current supportable systems from any existing Legacy Software System.

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Whilst the system may fit current requirements perfectly, there may be some areas where the legacy system will hold back the organisation. Areas such as system administration and support, which could be an expensive and rare resource. It may be difficult to employ temporary staff due to the look and feel of the system being ‘unusual’. The original system architects and authors may no longer be trading, or alive even. The system may not support current commodity hardware, creating a real ‘technology trap’ making support of all aspects of the system less simple, timely and perhapd more importantly, more expensive year on year.

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At I2 Global Ltd. We are acutely aware of all these problem areas relating to Legacy Software Systems, and the challenges involved in modernising or re-engineering these systems whilst retaining years of accumulated workforce experience, training, historical data or intellectual property.

We are also aware that each and every system is different in its own way, even if system authors and architects may be one and the same, so we will conduct an in depth survey with

our experienced consultants. We make recommendations based on current , mid and long term requirements so that the solution still fits like a glove, is supportable, and developable for future emerging technologies.